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Chameleon Consignment's street sign'Consign': verb - deliver to someone's possession or care. The Oxford English Dictionary. Consignment shopping is all about value for money.

For the un-initiated (a dwindling species), the term "consignment" in retail refers to items that are sold on behalf of another person.
Are you in the market for a new piece of furniture? Why spend $3,000 on a sofa when you can buy a nearly new "consigned" sofa of the same standard for less than $1,000? (And with plenty of parking available, you can be browsing our store in no time at all.)
And what if you have a dining set to sell? We offer you your own piece of a showroom in bustling downtown Lafayette.

Every piece of furniture is arranged or "staged" amongst others to create a natural setting and a desirable enviroment. More foot traffic than you can imagine and without the hassle of placing advertisements in the paper, allowing strangers into your home and all the uncertainty. We know our business and we shall endeavour to show you a rapid return on your unused yet desirable home furniture and accessories.

Chameleon Consignment was created to act as a showroom for the community, showcasing furniture from the homes of LaMorinda, Walnut Creek and the surrounding areas of Contra Costa, Alameda and the Oakland hills. Our staff carefully inspect every item we sell to ensure that there are no hidden flaws and every piece meets our customers high standards. We are dedicated to providing high quality used furniture in exceptional condition at great prices.

We are a family owned business dedicated to promoting the local community.

Bruce and Susanne